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Crown Your Love

For over two centuries, Maison Chaumet
has been loyal to its tradition as the Jeweller of Emotions,
through exceptional tiaras and bridal sets, and authentic declarations of love.

Our solitaires
Founding myth
Jewellery virtuosity

1001 ways to say “I do”

Perhaps a discreet solitaire or majestic tiara ring, a pear, cushion or brilliant-cut diamond… Each love story is unique. The Maison gives engaged couples the possibility to choose from among 11 different styles of rings, from the Joséphine, Bee My Love and Liens collections’ signature solitaires to the classic models Plume, Torsade and Frisson, testaments of timeless elegance. Creations that can be worn alone, or combined with one or even two matching wedding rings.

The ring of her dreams

The Chaumet difference resides in these emblematic wedding collections, available in our boutiques, that offer a large creative palette, so that every love story becomes unique. Thanks to a vast choice of settings and stones, “Crown Your Love” gives couples the opportunity to create their own personal engagement ring, an immaculate and unique creation made just for them.

The jeweller of emotions since 1780

It all started with a love story. Napoléon and Joséphine, the timelessly modern couple, a powerful man and a strong-willed woman passionately in love with each other. The Maison created its first sentimental jewellery for them. Remaining true to its history, Chaumet places happiness at the heart of its creations. From tiara to wedding ring, from the traditional solitaire to the aigrette ring that crowns the finger… With Crown Your Love, Chaumet creations celebrate the wedding, that founding ceremony of the Maison’s identity.

Jewellery Virtuosity

Chaumet solitaires combine the strengths of symbolism and the art of composition, each featuring a signature style. Light as air settings, the diamond’s splendour, the heirs to the Maison’s tradition of excellence borrow their art of detail and highly skilled techniques from Haute Joaillerie.

The fil couteau, highly emblematic of Chaumet, sees the metal visibly disappear to highlight the stones at the centre magnificently. On the same ring, each of the multiple settings – claw, grain, or cut down – serves to highlight the diamond’s brilliance.

Each creation’s rigorous symmetry requires that each centre stone demands excellence. Beyond the traditional 4Cs – colour, clarity, cut and carat – the Maison selects the most beautiful diamonds according to a fifth criterion of its own: the golden number. A criterion of harmony where emotion is as important as the calculation of proportions, ensuring that each Chaumet diamond is perfect.


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By phone